The Process begins with an email (or sometimes a phone call) requesting prices or asking if we have “anything done in stock”.  As custom engine builders we do not keep an inventory of rebuilt engines on hand nor can we say a street/strip 383 will cost “x” amount of dollars before we collect more information.

We tailor each job specifically to your needs, based on the application and budget. While we do have some cores kicking around (what engine shop doesn’t?!), most often we’ll begin with your engine. Our philosophy is: We must PROVE your core is solid (i.e., no cracks, worn beyond rebuilding, etc.) before we move forward.

First steps are tear down, cleaning, measuring and crack-checking to verify it’s a sound, build-able engine. The associated costs for this are dependent upon the condition of the core—partially disassembled, filthy dirty, seized and broken bolts, or relatively clean and completely disassembled.

Next steps are the discussions—lots of them—so we have a comprehensive understanding of your goals. Once we’re clear and everyone agrees on the expected results, we begin designing the build and detailing the estimate for your approval. At CCE, we believe its essential to work together every step of the way.

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