TEST AND TUNE YOUR ENGINE. Customized to meet your specific application needs. Our CCE technicians always strive to achieve peak performance and reliability for your specific application. Why do we use a state-of-the-art DTS engine dynamometer? It allows us to measure the calculated power produced at the flywheel by simultaneously measuring torque and rotational speed. […]

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PRECISION MACHINING GETS RESULTS. CNC head digitizing, porting, balancing, blueprinting, and more.  • Porting- hand porting, prototyping and CNC • Superflow Flowbench • Stock & Race valve jobs. We have a large inventory of common 3-D, popular performance and custom valve seat cutters for our Sunnen VGS20. • Milling, angle milling & CC work • Valve guides- […]

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EXPERTISE IN CLEARANCE CHECKS.  Rigorous attention to detail improves sub-assembly performance.  • Hot tanking • Magnafluxing- wet & dry • Boring and honing with torque plates • Line honing and cap replacement • Decking with BHJ fixtures • O-ring deck for supercharged and nitrous applications • Stroker prep • Connecting rod resizing & magnafluxing • […]

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DETAILED VISUAL/PHYSICAL ANALYSIS. Our step-by-step visual and physical inspection process identifies component usability, suitability or replacement needs. We save you money by quantifying potential problems, issues, flaws and damage to determine appropriate next steps. • Crack Detection • Glass Beading • Jet Wash • Hot Tank • Sonic Check • Measuring of all types • Dry […]

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Carlquist Competition Engines, LLC is the premier East coast custom engine builder. We’ve been perfecting new builds, rebuilds and restorations on high performance and vintage engines from mild to wild for more than three decades. CCE turns sludge-monsters into showstoppers with state-of-the-art DTS engine dyno, CNC head digitizing, porting, balancing, blueprinting, and much more! Whether on the street, at the track, or on the water, CCE will deliver custom engines and precision machining for ultimate performance.

How do we do it? By providing the highest quality engine machining, remanufacturing and parts available. The engines we build comprise a wide range of makes and applications, and we have a vast database of builds with dyno proven results. Our experience with research and design is utilized to remanufacture stock restoration and high performance engines to generate maximum horsepower and torque for your specified application.

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Customers must call before bringing in ANY work. We are packed to the rafters! Please note: We are not open Saturdays.