Founded in 1993 by Bill and Michelle Carlquist, CCE was born from a desire to fill the demand for high end custom engine rebuilding and machine shop services. Bill honed his expertise in his at-home shop while expanding his knowledge base in the automotive industry for local dealerships and garages, in positions ranging from parts management to service technician. It wasn’t long before he turned his sideline passion for engine building into a full time endeavor. The Woodbury, CT shop opened in 1993 and CCE quickly became the “go to” for engine rebuilding. With an ever-growing reputation for honesty and excellence in craftsmanship, business quickly accelerated and rapid growth demanded a move to a larger location in Watertown, CT.

Time sped on and thousands of projects were completed, from quick turnarounds to complete rebuilds, small block to big block, complex dyno jobs to cleaning & analysis. Word was spreading throughout New England and beyond, driving more growth and an expanding clientele. CCE once again exceeded capacity to meet the ever growing demand for their expertise. This drove the most extensive expansion to date with the renovation of the facility at 98 Falls Avenue in Oakville, CT, where they’re currently located.

With over two decades of proven success from roadway to speedway, CCE has become the premier East coast shop for vintage engine restoration, race team and car enthusiasts alike. They’ve done it by consistently delivering…
Custom Engines for Ultimate Performance.

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